Simple prices
No Lock-in contracts
100% Independent

ReAmped Energy. We believe in different.

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How do we stack up?

Energy Made Easy is the government list of electricity prices. We’re aiming to be as high as we can on that list!

No Lock-in contracts

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts or break-fees. If we do a great job, we figure you’ll stick with us.

Simple prices

We reckon discounts result in lots of unnecessary maths, so we got rid of them. No head-scratching offers, just simple low prices.

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Now open for Business

Get down to business with simple electricity prices for small businesses.

Quality online chat

We’re not fans of boring hold music. We replaced traditional call centres with fast, quality online chat.

We handle the breakup

We let your old company down for you. No awkward silences. So...what are you waiting for?

Moving house

Moving house can be stressful. But moving your power doesn’t have to be. Join online in minutes, and we’ll get your power packed up and ready to move with you.