We believe in different

ReAmped Energy is an independent electricity retailer and we're on a mission to rethink energy in Australia. We aim to make energy simple, honest, and affordable.


We are a tech company at heart, and we built our own systems. Our tech allows us to do lots of stuff online. We want to save time and use less paper.

We're not fans of boring hold music, so we replaced traditional call centres with fast, quality online chat.

You can choose to be billed weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.


We don't like expiring discounts, gimmicks, and unexplained charges.

We reckon discounts result in lots of confusion and unnecessary maths. So we just offer simple low prices.

We don't believe in lock-in contracts or break-fees. If we do a great job, we figure you'll stick with us.


Our online business model and clever tech is designed to keep our costs down.

We aim to be smart and efficient, and to offer great value as a result.