What we think about energy comparison websites

Industry News | 9th Dec, 2021

ReAmped doesn’t appear
on most energy comparison sites – and we think it’s important to explain why.

Why we’re calling out the competition

Industry News | 26th Nov, 2021

Here’s what we’ve learned from signing up 50,000+ customers – lots of energy retailers mess around with artificial incentives, but cheap prices are what Aussies want!

What is the best way to buy green energy?

Industry News | 17th Nov, 2021

Many Australians care about the environment, but we all need to use electricity. So, what are the greenest options available to you?

Celebrating 50k customers

ReAmped News  |  1st Nov, 2021

Thank you for helping us reach 50k customers inside three years! Now we’re calling on other energy companies to drop the BS and focus on offering cheaper prices.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

ReAmped News  |  6th Jun, 2021

We thought long and hard about what sort of difference we wanted to make when it came to our social media and sponsorships.

Energy saving top tips

ReAmped News  |  29th Apr, 2021

We’re all about helping you save money on power. Here’s some simple tips to keep your bills from creeping up.

Appliance Usage Guide

ReAmped News  |  20th Jan, 2020

A quick guide to help you understand how much energy typical household appliances use.

How to submit a meter read

ReAmped News  |  1st Dec, 2019

If you have an accumulation (basic) meter, you can submit a self-meter read in your online account at any time.

How to read your meter

ReAmped News  |  1st Dec, 2019

A brief guide to reading your electricity meter.

AER report analyses new regulations

Industry News  |  20th Oct, 2019

New reports by the AER and ACCC show how retailer’s prices have changed and how to escape rising power prices.

The real deal with the DMO

Industry News  |  1st Oct, 2019

A closer look at the new Default Market Offer regulations and how they’re helping reign in confusing discounts.

Behind the scenes: Angry toaster ad

ReAmped News  |  1st Sep, 2019

A behind the scenes look at our latest ad featuring two mates and a temperamental toaster.

Electricity Insights

Industry News  |  20th Aug, 2019

Earlier this year we surveyed 700+ electricity customers across QLD and NSW on key issues relating to the electricity retail market. Here’s what we found.

Rising power prices explained

CEO Series  |  10 June, 2019

According to the ACCC, the average residential power bill in Australia has risen by 35% in the last 10 years. So, what’s going on here? ReAmped CEO Jason Donald breaks it down.

Using tech to lower bills

CEO Series  |  30th May, 2019

At ReAmped Energy our motto is “we believe in different”. But what makes ReAmped Energy different? To begin with: we’re digital.

Behind the scenes

ReAmped News  |  3rd May, 2019

It’s not every day a dog gets a chance to be the smiling face of an electricity company. But in ReAmped’s newest video launch, for one lucky dog that day has come!

9 News special

In the News  |  26 Feb, 2019

9 News Australia has searched to find the cheapest energy providers in South East Queensland. There’s no need to get out your calculators—the maths are simple: ReAmped Energy is topping the current charts!

ReAmped Energy!

ReAmped News  |  12th Feb, 2019

The day we’ve all been waiting for has officially arrived! ReAmped Energy is going live. So who are we?