Behind the Scenes:
Chia’s Big Day on Screen

3rd May, 2019

It’s not every day a dog gets a chance to be the smiling face of an electricity company. But in ReAmped’s newest video launch, for one lucky dog that day has come!

Meet Chia, the tech-savvy spokesdog for simple prices

ReAmped’s lastest ad series features Chia, the bill shredding, tech-savvy spokesdog for simple prices and no unnecessary maths. So what’s it like shooting commercials with a four legged friend on set? At times, a little ruff. We had to build in lots of extra time for toilet breaks, power naps, and play time.

Chia, who’s a boxer, was pretty cooperative when we asked him to jump online or do complex calculator maths on camera. His only condition to the agreement was that we wouldn’t make him wear any props on his head. (Not that we didn’t try!) Let’s just say we went through a lot more chicken biscuits on set than we usually would with two legged actors.

When he’s not smiling for the cameras, Chia enjoys long walks on the beach and belly rubs from his dad (ReAmped’s commercial manager, James).

New videos featuring Chia drop weekly on the ReAmped Facebook page throughout May and June.