Electricity experience insights

20th August, 2019

Earlier this year we surveyed 740 electricity customers across Queensland and New South Wales on key issues relating to the electricity retail market. We wanted to gather feedback to make our business better and help us understand what is most important to customers.

30% report they sometimes go without essentials to pay for power

What we found was pretty surprising. Almost one-third of respondents (30%) reported sometimes going without essentials to pay for power. Only 17% of respondents think that electricity in Australia is good value for money, and only 16% have a positive view of the electricity market. Some of the stats we uncovered were so surprising that media outlets like 10 News First picked up the story!

But it wasn’t all grim. 83% of respondents want to see more competition in Australia’s electricity market. Thanks to new retailers like ReAmped entering the market with simple low prices, competition is on the rise. We also found reason to be encouraged that more than 70% of respondents think lock-in contracts are negative (since we don’t believe in them either!) and that more than half say they prefer online contact methods (yay live chat!) We’re happy to be offering innovative solutions and alternatives to help address these customer concerns.

We strive to offer innovative solutions to address customer concerns

The most commonly reported barriers to switching electricity providers were exit fees and a perception that it is hard and confusing. At ReAmped, we hope to challenge that perception with our fast and easy online signup. Switching providers for a better deal has never been easier! And we also don’t do exit fees - we want our customers to stay with us because we do a great job, not because they’ve been forced to stay with the threat of an exit fee.

We learned a lot from our survey respondents, and hope to continue improving and challenging ourselves to exceed customer expectations in the year to come.

Full results of the survey can be seen here. Thank you to all who participated!