Introducing... ReAmped Energy!

12th Feb, 2019

The day we’ve all been waiting for has officially arrived! ReAmped Energy is going live.

So who are we? At ReAmped, we’re a small team of passionate people on a mission to make energy simple, honest and affordable. As energy customers, we got tired of confusing offers and waiting on hold to get answers to our questions. We took a look at the industry and thought we could do it better! We’re based in Brisbane and Newcastle, and we’re super stoked to start delivering affordable electricity to you: our friends and neighbours!

What do we offer? We offer a different approach to energy retail. For us different means simple prices, no lock-in contracts, and awesome online service. We want to bring transparency and innovation into an industry that hasn’t had much in recent years.

Discounts? We don’t do them. We find discounts confusing and we reckon they cause lots of unnecessary maths. Instead we offer simple prices—our best rates up front, and no lock-in contracts. So easy, a dog could do it!

Waiting on hold? No thanks. We got tired of the boring hold music, and long waits for answers. So we launched live chat—our very own online chat system, where you can chat live with our friendly customer service team in Brisbane. Get your electricity answers faster, and get on with your day.

Anything else? We’re an online supplier, and that means everything with ReAmped can be done online. Signup, invoices, customer service, you name it! We’ve found our online model allows us to provide faster and better service without all the wasted paper. And it’s one of the ways we keep our prices so low!

Send us your bills! If you’ve thought about switching in the past, but you’re on the fence, here’s our input: send us your bill! If you send us a copy of a recent electricity invoice, we can do an in-depth comparison and analyse how much you might be able to save with ReAmped! And if you’re already on a good rate—we’ll be honest about that too. Whether you switch or not, we want you to have the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting a great deal.

So what are you waiting for? Did you know switching electricity retailers doesn’t change anything about the actual flow of electricity to your property? All it changes is the colour of your bill. Is it time for your bill to be mint green?