9 News: ReAmped Leads with Competitive Prices

26th Feb, 2019

9 News Australia has searched to find the cheapest energy providers in South East Queensland. There’s no need to get out your calculators—the maths are simple: ReAmped Energy is topping the current charts! That’s according to a recent feature on 9 News using price data from the government comparison website Energy Made Easy.

ReAmped brings the competition - and low prices

Following our February launch to customers in QLD and NSW after 2 years of behind the scenes development, we’re excited to be bringing a “really big boost” of competition into the Australian electricity market. Our Brisbane-based team is committed to offering customers simple prices, no lock-in contracts and fast online service.

When speaking with 9 News, our CEO Jason Donald emphasizes that “we want to do energy differently”. Part of our mission to do energy differently is our simple prices—we don’t offer conditional discounts like some of the other guys. We reckon discounts result in lots of unnecessary maths, and they don’t always indicate a better deal!

Who needs a discount when you could get simple low prices instead?

As 9 News pointed out, even though we don’t offer discounts, “ReAmped Energy is currently beating the price leaders who are offering up to 28 percent off bills.”

You can watch the full 9 News special here.

If you’re keen to see the price results for yourself, head to Energy Made Easy to see how much you could be saving with ReAmped Energy.

For simple low prices and fast online service, join us today!