How to submit a self-meter read

Why submit a read?

As you may already know, if you have an accumulation (basic) meter, your meter is read about every 3 months by your network distributor. Between those meter reads, your monthly bills with us will be based on estimates. The estimates are based on historical usage at your home and are generally provided by your metering data provider. But you can rest assured that approximately every 3 months, after your meter is read, we reconcile your actual usage with your billed usage – this is called a “wash-up” bill.

If ever your estimates don’t look quite right, we encourage you to submit a self-meter read! You can do this at any time throughout the month, and we can then use the meter read/s you provide to calculate your bill.

What to submit

All you need to provide us with are the current readings for each of your meters and/or meter registers. If you’re having trouble reading your meter, please see our how to read my meter guide.

The date that you submit your reading will be taken as the date of the meter read, so it is best to submit your readings shortly after taking them!

How to submit

Your meter reading should be provided to us via the My Meter section of your online account. Here you will be able to submit a meter reading once per day, and have the reading reflected on your account. If you are having issues with submitting a meter read via your online account, you may send us a photo of your meter instead.

Please note it may take a bit of time for your submitted read to be processed. For this reason, please allow at least one day for your submission to be reflected on your account balance.

Accepted reads

For your self-read to be accepted via your online account it will need to be:

  • Greater than your last actual meter reading
  • Within a reasonable degree of variance from our estimate

Should your reading not be accepted via the online account, you can verify the read by emailing a us a clear photo of your meter. We will accept the image of your meter as long as:

  • You have first tried to submit the reading via your online account
  • The image clearly displays the meter serial number and the current meter reading
  • The meter serial number displayed aligns with the details we have on file
  • You submit a read for each meter/register at your property

If you would like to submit a meter read to adjust an existing invoice, we must receive your meter read before the pay-by date stated on your invoice. If your submission is received on or after the pay-by date of your invoice, we can still accept the reading, however it will be applied to your next invoice.

What to do if your read is rejected

If you submit a meter read which does not meet the above requirements, we may reject your meter read. We will notify you of the specific reason for the rejection via email, and you will have an opportunity to verify the read with a photo.

If you are not happy with the outcome, you can lodge a complaint in accordance with our complaints policy. Alternatively, you are able to request a comprehensive review of your invoice in line with rule 29 of the National Energy Retail Rules or escalate your complaint to the Energy and Water Ombudsman for your area.

Note the ability to submit a self-read is not available for customers with an interval (smart) meter. For more details please contact us on live chat.