Behind the scenes:
angry toaster ad

1st September, 2019

At ReAmped, we pride ourselves on doing all our ads in-house, and that means our employees are also our actors! This round, a few of our team members got to spend the day out of the office making orange juice and throwing toast at each other.

The latest ad features two mates and a temperamental toaster getting back at his owner for switching to a cheaper power company. In the absence of fancy expensive special effects, we had to get pretty creative to simulate an aggrieved appliance spitting toast!

The combination made for an impressive display of method acting from our breakout ReAmped stars, and good as gold entertainment for the team on set. (Not to mention a bit of precision pitching practice.)

Check out the ad and let us know what you think on the ReAmped Facebook page.

And remember, your toaster won’t mind if you pay less for power!