Using tech to lower power bills

30th May, 2019 | by ReAmped CEO Jason Donald

Technology is impacting many aspects of our lives, including energy consumption. As better electricity usage data becomes available, innovative new companies like ReAmped Energy are using tech to help people save money on power.

At ReAmped, we’re digital, and we’re using that advantage to save our customers money. We’re not just an energy company, we’re also a technology company.

What does it mean to be digital?

Technology is impacting many aspects of our lives, making them easier, and also helping us save money. At ReAmped Energy, we are digital because we want our customers to spend more time doing the things they want, AND pay lower prices for their electricity.

Many digital and technology discussions are focusing on early adopting “prosumers” - customers who both consume and produce energy, using solar panels and batteries. Tech companies are using innovative software to help these customers virtually exchange power within electricity networks. But what about everyone else?

What technology discussions do not focus on is the fact that about 80% of consumers in NSW & QLD still rely on basic meters to measure their power usage. These meters are called “basic” because they can’t do what smart meters can. Once every 3 months, a person will physically visit your home and manually read your electricity meter. This info is entered into a smart device, sent to the Australian Energy Markets Operator, then passed to your retailer. Only then can your retailer use this data to determine how much energy you consumed.

Our role as an innovative retailer is to use tech to help people save money

It is in this context that ReAmped is different. Our role as an innovative retailer is to introduce more people to their data - with the primary goal of saving them money. We aim to do this via online portals, more frequent billing, and ultimately smart meter data. Once people become better acquainted with their usage data, they can make well informed decisions about what smart tech will be most beneficial to them. In the future, it will even be possible to allow smart devices like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana to manage your daily power usage!

ReAmped Energy is a technology company who wants to make your life easier. And that makes us different.