Why we’re calling out the competition

26th Nov, 2021

We think we do a pretty good job of supplying electricity to more than 50,000 households all over the east coast, but it’s cool when others notice and give us a good shoutout. So thanks to the folks over at Canstar Blue for the awesome write-up recently when we announced our new customer milestone and used the opportunity to call on other retailers to drop the BS of discounts, sign-up credit and the like, and simply focus on offering Aussies what they want – cheaper prices.

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Here’s a little of what Canstar Blue had to say:

Low-cost provider ReAmped Energy announced it has cracked its 50,000th customer since its Australian inception in early 2019. And the retailer marked the milestone with a cheeky dig at the competition.

The growing independent is known for undercutting its rivals on price. ReAmped Energy’s CEO Luke Blincoe said the milestone was a testament to the brand’s commitment to helping Aussie customers lower their power bills.

“When we launched in Australia in 2019, we did so knowing there was a huge appetite for simple, low prices and for an energy provider that really drives competition in the market,” he said. “The fact we’ve reached 50,000 customers inside three years shows we were onto something.”

“We like to think we’ve had a positive impact on the energy market in general because we’re consistently offering customers some of the cheapest deals around, but at the same time we are forcing other retailers to try to keep pace with us.”

While ReAmped Energy celebrated its latest achievement of reaching 50,000 customers, it did so by making a bold statement to its opposition.

Luke Blincoe added: “We made a commitment to be top of comparison tables on the government and commercial websites as much as we possibly could and that’s why we are relentlessly reducing prices to undercut our rivals and stay ahead of the pack.”

“We care about our customers, but we also care about customers of other providers who are paying too much, so we are renewing our commitment to Australians that we’ll be calling out the dodgy crap whenever we see it and advocating for all consumers to get a better deal.”

The retailer took it one step further on its website, which stated many power companies simply weren’t doing enough.

Absolutely right.

We’re passionate about doing what’s right for consumers and driving competition in the energy market. That’s why we think it’s time for more retailers to drop the bull**** of sign-up bonuses, so called features and rewards, and to simply focus on giving Aussie consumers a fairer price for power.

That’s what you get with us – simple, low prices and awesome online service. So, what are you waiting for? See how much you could save now.