ReAmped Energy is happy to help eligible customers receive a concession, rebate or grant towards their electricity account. On this page, you’ll find information and links to energy concessions in each state that can be applied to accounts of eligible customers.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


South Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a concession?

Each concession has specific eligibility criteria. This information can be found on your state government website. Generally, to be eligible for a concession with ReAmped Energy you must:

  • Be a ReAmped Energy customer
  • Be the primary account holder
  • Be a resident of the state that you are claiming the concession for
  • Hold an eligible concession card for the concession claimed
  • Satisfy all criteria listed on the state government website for the concession claimed

ACT Concession   NSW Concession   QLD Concession   SA Concession   VIC Concession

How do I apply?

Some concessions are handled by your electricity retailer whilst others are handled directly by your state government. For information on how to apply for a specific concession please select from the list of concessions above and refer to the “How to apply” criteria.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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