Terms and Conditions for Standard Retail Contracts

ReAmped Energy Pty Ltd


1. The Parties

2. Definitions and Interpretation

3. Do these Terms and Conditions apply to you?

4. What is the Term of this Contract?

5. Scope of this Contract

6. Your General Obligations

7. Our Liability

8. Price for Energy and other Services

9. Billing

10. Paying your Bill

11. Meters

11A Interruption to electricity supply

12. Undercharging and Overcharging

13. Security Deposits

14. Disconnection of Supply

15. Reconnection after Disconnection

16. Wrongful and illegal use of energy

17. Notices and Bills

18. Privacy Act Notice

19. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

20. Force Majeure

21. Applicable Law

22. Retailer of last resort event

23. General

Simplified Explanation of Terms